Communal Cremation - ashes are not returned

0-20lbs $95

21-50lbs $125

51-100lbs $150

101+ $190

Private Cremation - ashes are returned in the urn of your choice

0-20lbs $290

21-50lbs $300

51-100 $340

101-150lbs $415

150+ $470

A wide variety of urn choices, upgrades and keepsakes are available. These selections will be made through the crematorium directly following our appointment. 

Please visit to view the crematorium's catalog. 

Payment is collected at the time of service. Dr. Sabrina accepts cash, check, Venmo and Credit Cards (Visa, MC, Discover). There will be a 4% processing fee for all credit card transactions. 


in home pet euthanasia

The in home euthanasia fee includes: Travel, Sedation and Euthanasia.

$325 - Auburn, LOP, Newcastle, Loomis, Penryn, Meadow Vista, Colfax, Weimar

$375 - Alta Sierra, Lincoln, Rocklin, Roseville

$390 - Grass Valley, Nevada City (downtown), Penn Valley, Antelope, Foresthill, Cool, Citrus Heights, Carmichael, Orangevale

$430 - Folsom, Placerville, Shingle Springs, Diamond Springs

After hours or holiday fees may apply. Dr. Sabrina is available to travel outside of these areas, please contact her for pricing. 

The first few moments of the appointment will be spent going through paperwork and payment. Typically, it is easier for families to finalize payment prior to the procedure. Dr. Sabrina will talk you through the entire appointment, but feel free to ask any questions you may have.

When you are ready, your pet will be given a tiny sedative injection. They will fall into a deep peaceful sleep. There is no timeline here, everything will be done in the timeframe you and your pet dictate. When your pet is ready, Dr. Sabrina will place a tiny IV catheter in one of your pet's legs. Once you and your pet are ready, the final injection will be given. The actual procedure is quite simple, painless and peaceful. The final injection is given over several minutes, but is effective within seconds. 

Loving Goodbyes

before the vets arrival

after care servcies

Outlined below are a few general things to consider prior to your in-home euthanasia appointment. If you have any questions, special desires, or need any help in your decision making, please do not hesitate to ask. 

Please take time prior to the appointment to consider any arrangements you would like to make, such as family/friends you would like to be present. Or tributes/ceremonies you would like to like to have arranged. Plan to have family/friends say goodbye prior to the appointment if they will not be present during the appointment. 

Find a quiet place that you and your pet will feel most comfortable. This can be anywhere you would like. A special room, their bed, by the fireplace, outdoors. Small dogs and cats can often be in your arms, or on your lap, for the procedure.

the appointment