Brooklyn enjoying her nature walk. You were loved more than you know sweet girl.

"Our beloved Raider gave us so much love and companionship. He was patient, quiet and so loyal to us. He would go with us to watch my son ride his bike on the BMX track, sit quietly in my clinic all day as a puppy and was content to just sit next to me. He was always happy to greet us with his squeaky duck in his mouth. His big brown eyes were always full of love regardless of how we felt. The best dog ever. Our sweet boy will be missed very much. He touched our lives in such a loving way and we will hold those fond memories forever in our hearts. God bless you Raider, my sweet boy. Rest in peace now big dog. We will always love you."





As you can see, this is my boy Titus. We lost him unexpectedly this month. We rescued him from a horrid situation; he had no exposure to people, had never been inside and well frankly had never been loved. At first, he was terrified of my husband and would run away for hours if someone raised their voice in his vicinity. He was a holy terror! I was confident I was in over my head. But, all it took was one day of one on one with him and he was forever my companion, my guardian and the most loving and lucky boy in the world. He adored his kids and guarded us like no other. His world entirely revolved around someone just giving him the simplest touch. He was truly the luckiest dog in the world :) and we were lucky to have known him for the short time we were allowed.

Big Boy                                                                         PeeWee

'Brothers' Big Boy and PeeWee. The best boys ever, you will be eternally loved.


"We adopted our precious little boy in Bordeaux, France in 2001 while we were living outside of Paris.  He was a source of joy, love, comfort and support through 4 moves.... especially to his brothers as they changed schools and cultures. Our little world traveler was there for our boys through childhood, teen-hood, university and adulthood.  Our nest is now truly empty.  We are so grateful to have been his parents and for his very special, sweet, gentle and loyal spirit."



Chewy Honda, you brought us so much love, expression, friendship and precious times together. 
We will never forget you. Thank you for being our Boyfriend, Love Always and until we meet again, 
Your Loving Family

Loving Goodbyes


My dog Zeus was my best friend, but even more than that he has been my close ever-present companion for 15 years. I've always rejected the term 'dog owner' because I feel the term 'dog parent' is more apt. I obviously can't relate to losing an actual child, but losing Zeus is the closest I can come to imagining what it is like. Every day I feel the emptiness in my life left by him; his nose in my face was my alarm clock every morning, his sleepy head resting on my lap was my bed-time indicator every night, and every moment through the day was filled with some presence of him. Sitting alone in my quiet and empty apartment has magnified his absence.  Hopefully these photos give a brief glimpse into his loving character and the companionship I've had with him since before he could even eat solid food.


"In memory of our dear Pinky. His feistiness in the shelter cage as a young kitten caught our eye, and that spirit grew when he jumped our 6foot wooden fence the first week he came home with us. His affection was contagious and his independence was renown around the neighborhood. He was our furry purr ball."



"Out of 11 rough-and-tumble puppies in her litter, Piper was the one who came to us, crawled into my daughter’s lap and fell asleep.  That day she became a member of our family.  
She liked us to “hold her hand” when she was excited or nervous, one paw gently placed in our hand for security. 

She loved sugar snap peas and we’d plant a whole row for her in the garden each year.  She loved to “check the peas” when she’s sniff out each pea and nibble it right off the vine.   
Piper’s favorite game was hide-and-seek.  We’d direct her to “sit and stay” and then sneak around the corner and find a hiding place.  When we called out “OK, come”, she’d haul out running and sniffing until she found us.  Then receiving a “Good girl, you found me” and a ruffle of her fur, she’d run back and wait for the next round.
She always wanted to be close to us – preferably touching one of us.  Wherever we were, she was at our feet.   She was the sweetest, most gentle dog ever.  She shared our lives for 15 years. She’ll live on in our hearts always.  We miss her so much."


"Bentley loved tennis balls, watching seagulls at the beach and playing in the pool, but most of all he loved being with the two kids in his life, Aidan and Lizzie. We will miss you Bentley!!!"

You were the greatest friend and companion and always a gentle and loving little girl. You provided so much joy and were a big part of our family and rarely separated from us. We miss watching you fetch the newspaper each morning, lying on the brick steps, and always being available as a playmate.  After touching so many in life, suddenly and tragically passing after 8 ¾ years from a terrible disease, we are sure our little angel is putting a smile on God’s face now. Ryan, CJ, Mom and Dad will never forget you. Teddi, we will love and miss you forever. 


"My sweet girl, Pig- I'm so grateful for the time that we were able to be together. We were both very lucky to have each other, and I wish we could do it all over again. You are such an inspiration for strength, courage, love, and forgiveness. I love and miss you so very much, sweetheart."


"Kylie my sweet girl, you lived a full life - and made my life full. You will be missed - but forever in my heart. Rest peacefully - I love you."


"For 17 years you have graced our lives with your regal presence. Bagheera, we named you after the beautiful large feline on the Jungle Book. The kids in your family that you first knew as a kitten are now adults with lives of their own. They still talk about all the things you did through your life. You will be missed by all of us. We love you with all our hearts."


"My loving life companion. I miss you."


To our sweet boy Tucker,

Words cannot describe how much we miss you. You truly were a man's best friend and you showed us so much love. We know that in our hearts you are finally at peace. For 13 years we were so grateful to have you as our family dog. Have fun in this new chapter in your life Tucker, you can forever be young. Enjoy eating unlimited amounts of cheeseburgers and ice cream, swimming in the biggest lakes and rivers you could ever imagine, and playing catch with all of your siblings with your favorite Red Kong Ball. Rest in peace sweet boy. We love you so much. Thank you Tucker.

Mom, Kelsey, Jack and your best furry pal Jack Jack


"Piper brought joy and love to our arms, hearts and home. Her absence is felt and her presence missed.  Love the Bazzocco family."


"Everything new was an adventure!!"

Your family misses you more than you know.

January 2003 to May 2019
Beloved family member and friend!

"You owned our hearts from the moment we first met you and you owned the house as soon as we brought you home!  You brought love and happiness to all who met you!

You will be sorely missed and eternally loved by everyone, especially Mom and Dad!"


Guardian Angel ... Best Friend Forever ...Love You For Always

"He was more than a pet....Mikey was a part of our family. He will never be forgotten."


    Call me Zuri, the African name given to me at birth by my temporary parents at a shelter home. . .At about two years of age I found a boyfriend and we had some babies, he ran out on me and my children were taken away. . .At this point I decided to find a new life so I ran away, up a steep mountain, to the very top and there stood a simple home with beautiful stone walls and a panoramic view from a redwood deck so I decided to stay. . .When I woke up there were two persons looking at me so I turned on my affection, looks and charm in hopes of getting a bed with a meal but no luck, they were afraid I belonged to someone else. . .There was something about these people I liked so being a Torti cat I elected to be stubborn, food or no food, and simply curl up and go to sleep. . .When I woke up they were giving me lots of love and food and water. . .The shelter had found out where I was and decided to let me stay with these wonderful people, Jack & Dagmar Cramer, who continued to love and care for me for the next 18 years. . .There is no clock in heaven just eternity and soon I will be crossing over the Rainbow Bridge to welcome my parents so we can be together again, forever. . .

“Goodbye Buddy” (From the movie Elf)

"I met Buddy at 4.5 weeks old.  His mother had been hit by a car recently after giving birth.  He was brought to me by a friend.  Buddy brought almost twenty years of joy/love to not only myself but to so many others that knew him (friends, family and neighbors).  I will miss him more than I can even express…

This was the last picture I captured of him on his last day with me..."



We were very fortunate to have our Golden Retriever child, Ruby for almost 13 years.  At some point as Ruby grew up she became unduly stressed whenever she had to go to the vet.  As we neared her end of days we agonized over how to ease her passing for her and our family.  The last thing we wanted was for beloved Ruby to be upset in her last moments.  Fortunately, we were referred to Loving Goodbyes.  Dr. Sabrina communicates in whatever means was easiest for us – email rather than talking about it.  She assured us she would make sure that we were doing what was right and that she would accommodate whatever she could.  Answering questions about what setting, should the other dogs be present and so on…  Ruby spent her last day with us having everything we knew made her happy, steak and eggs, ice cream, peanut butter, bones, all of her favorite treats.  Spending the day in the yard where Ruby was most comfortable and Dr. Sabrina easily adapted to the environment talking us gently through the steps and explaining what was happening.  We said our final goodbye loving on Ruby with her whole dog family and Dr. Sabrina quietly and unobtrusively moving through the necessary steps.  We cannot say enough about how Dr. Sabrina made everyone as comfortable as they can be going through this tough time.   Just a little while ago Ruby arrived home and now beautifully rests on the shelf with her brother and sister.  Thank you so much Dr. Sabrina.  The Grapatin family.

"You were such an amazing dog your whole life with us. We will miss you!  We know you are running and playing frisbee with no pain now. Even though we had to go through the pain of parting with you we cannot imagine not having had you in our lives. You will always remain in our hearts!!"

"My little Holly lived a good, strong 16 years. She was a fighter and always had a strong spirit. She fought through cancer twice…and won. At the end, she was blind, deaf with vestibular syndrome and doggie dementia. BUT, don’t feel sorry for her. She was always a happy doggie and NEVER bought into that “feel sorry for me” mentality. Nothing got that ole broad down. And that pretty much sums her up. I will miss her more than she’ll ever know.
I love you, my old girl…"